The information and support from Cannica has been amazing and life changing for me.

I have rhinitis due to an under-active thyroid, the difference since i started taking CBD in November has been amazing, i was constantly congested unable to breath through my nose, but had a permanent drippy nose my gp treated with antibiotics which cleared it only short term and given nasal sprays which are impossible to use when your so congested you can’t snort them.

I started with a trial size and saw a difference immediately, although not completely clear i could see an improvement. i went to 15% water soluble and tried the method recommended by you, increasing drops daily until i was having 5 drops 3 x a day, i am now on 25% water soluble and taking 4 drops x twice daily so reduxtion in amount but clearer every day! i always wake up congested but have my 1st dose with my morning cuppa and within an hour am clear and stay clear and able to breath through my nose all day taking my next dose just before bed.

The information and support from cannica has been amazing and life changing for me, i have other conditions which am awaiting blood tests for so will be interesting to see the difference.

- Lindsey
Essex, UK
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