Ever wonder why CBD comes in different colours?

11th August 2021
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Ever wonder why CBD comes in different colours? Or why your new product is different from the last? On top of that, which one is the better one? If so read on to find out more about CBD oil colours, why your CBD might change colour, and how to store your CBD to avoid spoilage.

CBD Oil Colour

CBD oil can be prepared in a variety of ways which can influence the final product, and can vary from transparent, pink, brown, black, or gold depending on the process, the type of CBD extracts, and the added carrier oil. However, colour does not give any advantage to your CBD quality and strength with evidence of quality being demonstrated in laboratory testing. Authentic companies will publish their results or provide them on request.

Cannica CBD tinctures range between golden to brown. This is the colour of the extract which we mix with organic hemp oil to create the final product. Any colour changes your product goes through does not indicate any spoiling or loss of potency but are the result of common chemical reactions. CBD products can become darker brown or black due in the presence of oxygen, light, heat, and normal aging that impacts the plants natural compounds, resulting in variations of colour. 

Storing CBD Oil

Correct CBD storage is in line with other herbal products, avoiding light, high temperatures, and oxygen. So, keep your bottle tightly sealed, and stored in a cool dark place (can be in the fridge), especially in the warmer months. Only open them for use and return to storage.

In the colder months, due to the high potency of some of our oils, crystallisation can occur. This is not due to spoiling and can be easily resolved by moving your product to a warmer store or warming in a cup of warm water prior to use.

Following these measures means your oil can easily last for up to two years.

Cleaning Your Bottle

Due to the viscosity of CBD products, you may need to clean the bottle neck at times with a clean wet cloth. This helps to avoid condensation and the building of debris.

In some cases of long time neglect a brown mould like substance can form on the inside of the bottle if this happens the product should be immediately discarded. However, these occurrences are incredibly rare and look very different to the crystallisation of CBD in colder months as these deposits do not dissolve in warmer areas.

Your regular routine

Daily dosing with consistent amounts means you will able to create a rewarding and successful CBD routine. Using CBD will allow you to optimise your  endocannabinoid system and let it thrive.

Everyday we welcome more customers to Cannica products across the UK who enjoy our range of potent and natural UK CBD products. So, are you ready to try an exciting new holistic routine and pursue a life of health and happiness? 

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Ever wonder why CBD comes in different colours?

Ever wonder why CBD comes in different colours? Or why your new product is different from the last? On top of that, which one is the better one? If so...

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