CBD – What does the percentage mean?

7th January 2019
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Percentage or mg, who’s confused?

When you decide to buy your first bottle of CBD you will probably be choosing from several products with varying percentage strengths or milligrams in the bottle. This can be very confusing due to the fact that there is currently no blanket rule as to how this should be reported. Additionally, some companies will tell you the strength of the extract too which can mean you are unsure of what you will be getting.

A simple way to know what you are getting is to:

  1. Check the bottle size first, most are 10ml but some can be up to 100ml. If you always calculate to 10ml then it is easier to compare like for like.
  2. Look for how many mg in the bottle, not how many in the original extract.
  3. Check the percentage strength to see if it matches up. If a bottle is 10ml and has 1000mg in it then it should be a 10% CBD product.

Most 10ml bottles carry approximately 200-250 drops so this will allow you to calculate how many mg of CBD are in each drop. So our 1000mg example would provide 1000/220=4.5mg’s per drop. 

Check out our guide on Cannica’s product range below.

This provides you with all the information you need to know what strength oil you are buying and allows you to compare the most cost-effective way to reach the dose you require. The Water Soluble cost is slightly higher than the oil but studies show more CBD, at least double, is absorbed when you consume it this way. This means, in most instances, that Water Soluble is the most cost-effective as you don’t usually need as many drops to achieve your aim.

Hopefully, this gives a transparent view into the complex world of CBD strengths to help you on your CBD journey.





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