CBD Oil and Hemp Oil – What’s the difference?

29th July 2020
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‘What is the difference between CBD oil and hemp seed oil?’ is a common question we are asked. There is much confusion around the benefits of both and which is appropriate for the individual’s needs. Here we try to simplify this and help the navigation of these products.

CBD oil and Hemp seed oil are both found in the hemp plant however, they are present in different parts of the plant and contain different compounds. Being both sourced from the same plant can confuse people meaning hemp seed oil can be mistaken for CBD oil. With CBD oil being significantly more expensive than hemp seed oil this can mean consumers make a costly purchasing error. Unfortunately, hemp seed oil has also been passed off as CBD oil by unscrupulous sellers targeting those in need. 


Extracted from the seeds of the hemp plant through cold pressing hemp seed oil has a mild nutty flavour. The oil is an exceptionally rich source of omega-3 and omega-6 essential fatty acids(1)known to exert beneficial effects on cardiovascular health(2). This nutritious oil also contains all of the essential amino acids the body requires for vital functions including protein synthesis and tissue repair(2). However, the all-important cannabinoids in CBD are not found in hemp seed oil as they are not present in the seeds.

Hemp seed oil has long played a part in the food and beauty industries. It is often used in marinades and sauces where its mild nutty flavour adds to the taste profile. There are many sources online advising how to add the oil to meals(3). In beauty products, it can help balance oil production, reduce inflammation and has been reported to promote anti-ageing(4).


Cannabinoids are found in the parts of the hemp plant that grow above the ground, the flowers, leaves and stems. CBD oil is commonly extracted from the plant through the Supercritical CO2 method which is highly preferred over other methods as it is non-toxic and leaves behind no traces of dangerous chemical residue. Rich in cannabinoids, terpene and flavonoids the resulting product is then purified through ‘winterisation’ to remove unwanted and ‘short path distillation’ to leave a pure, potent, full-spectrum CBD oil(5). It is during this process that any unwanted properties are removed such as fats and THC above 0.03% resulting in a fully legal UK product.

The extract can then be diluted to the desired strength by mixing with a carrier oil. Common carrier oils include hemp seed oil, MCT oil and olive oil. Different carrier oils provide a range of additional benefits to the final product and can increase the absorption rate of the cannabinoids(5)

CBD oils can range from as low as 1% up to around 75% but the most widely sold tend to be in the 10-30% bracket. 

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Whilst hemp seed oil is a nutritious product that brings its own health benefits it doesn’t contain cannabinoids found in CBD products therefore; it cannot be used in place of CBD oil. You may find hemp seed oil added to CBD products as a carrier oil, but this should be in addition to CBD extract. 

CBD should be reported on the product in mg per product, which can also be shown as a percentage i.e. 1000mg in 10ml = 10%. If the product only claims a percentage then ask the question as to how many mg is in the final product, this will allow you to fully understand the strength of CBD you are purchasing. Finally, if you find a product that is significantly cheaper than others of the same strength then it probably isn’t genuine. If it seems too good to be true it probably is. 

Hopefully, this helps to clear up the blurred lines between CBD and hemp seed oil and you now feel confident to go and find the right product for you. 








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CBD Oil and Hemp Oil – What’s the difference?

'What is the difference between CBD oil and hemp seed oil?' is a common question we are asked. There is much confusion around the benefits of both and which is...

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