CBD Dosing Guidelines

7th January 2019
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How much do I need?

One of the main questions we get asked is ‘what’s the correct CBD dose for me?’ Now, rightly so, the MHRA do not allow CBD companies to give medical advice on CBD dosing for individual conditions. Considering we don’t know your individual history and all medical conditions it would be an impossible task which very few can do in the U.K. are qualified to do due to the government investment in cannabis as medicine.

Up-Titration guide

However, what we can do is guide you to how you can find your optimum dose. Here at Cannica, we recommend the Up-TitrationCBD dosing.  Starting with 1 drop 1-3 times a day, we recommend that you stick with the dose for 2-3 days. If after this time, you haven’t achieved your aim then adding a drop to each dose and monitoring the outcome for a further few days is advised. This can be continued until you find what works for you. 

We advise this process as with CBD dosing less can be more. The regulatory effects of CBD mean you don’t necessarily need the strongest dose around. This method gives you control over the dosing allowing you to find your sweet spot and is easy to step back a drop if required.

This method can be applied to all the oral products available in our shop. 

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