CBD Belly Button dosing

24th January 2020
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How Do You Take yours?
Commonly CBD is taken either by mouth, vaping, or topically, however, Belly Button dosing, known as the Pechoti Method is becoming an interesting trend of taking your CBD. However, CBD is not known for its taste and many people attempt to mask the taste with food and drinks so this way of dosing may be a great choice for those that really struggle with the other options.

The Belly Button is known to connect major organs in the body through networks of around 72000 blood vessels behind the navel, and the Pechoti Method is a common Ayurvedic practice of applying therapeutic oil in and around your belly button.

Considered to be a very safe way of dosing, there are no known side effects of using the Pechoti Method or doing Belly Button Healing. However, please consult a qualified healthcare practitioner if you have any concerns about using these products or methods.

So, why not give it a go the next time you’re taking CBD oil and see if you notice a difference. For detailed instructions on how to do both methods, click here.

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